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Wow, Carney, you have some awesome photos on your site! Do you take those pictures yourself?... A fan

No, I didn’t take the pictures, you silly goose! All my talent goes into my writing. Those pictures were just stolen off the net.

I’m glad you like them, though. I try to find pictures that depict what was going on in my stories. They don’t always match the details perfectly, but I do try to at least match the mood of the stories.

Thanks for writing, and for reading!……Carney

This is a story about a guy who is kind of selfish, and quite shallow. He tells his girlfriend that, for his birthday, he wants a TRIPLE blowjob: one chick on his cock, and one on each of his balls. At first, she tells him to forget about it, but then has second thoughts.

Read along as our hero gets his triple blowjob, but… at a price!

This story is part of an ongoing series of stand-alone stories about a businessman who gets plenty of ass as he travels around the country on business. Each little story can stand on its own; there is no need to read them all, or in any particular order.  They all have “In The Road” in their title.

Anyway, in this particular entry, our hero hooks up for a quickie with a wife who is pissed at her husband. It’s just a short, nasty episode in an airport toilet, like we’ve all had so many times. I hope it brings back fond memories for you!

This is a deliberately humorous story. It’s about a super-spy, who is also a super cocksman, and his attempt to subdue a super-sexy Russian femme fatale. His weapon? The same as hers: SEX. They attempt to fuck each other to the death! I think it’s kinda funny. Check it out and let me know what you think!……Carney

No, this is not the old Grass Roots song! It’s a story about a cheating wife. She lies in bed and tells her husband about all the fucking around she has done. All he can do is lie there and masturbate as he listens to her. It gets them both hot as hell!

Actually, I expanded this story into a trilogy, which brings the cuckolding couple “full circle” in certain ways. All three are short. Check them out!

I thought this story was kind of cute; an obvious take-off on “Gone With The Wind,” where the daughter of the owner of a plantation in the pre-Civil-War south really, really, REALLY wants some thick, long, hot black slave cock! Please check it out and let me know what do you think….

i just got done reading "My Sexy Sisters" when is part being posted because im a virgin at the moment and i wanna get some tip from it so know how to thrill my first girl

Well, these stories are pretty much fictional. I wouldn’t try to emulate them in real life.  In real life, with real women, you are best advised to use respect, charm, and honest concern for her welfare. Oh, yeah, and ruffies.

Have you ever had a friend that you liked to get together with to masturbate? I mean, a friend of the opposite sex, that is. Someone that you’d like to actually bone, of course, but circumstances make that impractical. Maybe you are both involved with other people and want to remain faithful. Or maybe you are opposed to sex before marriage. Whatever. Whacking yourself off is lonely enough, so why not share the experience? That’s what this story series is all about.

I’m thinking of expanding it to multiple chapters. So far, I only have two. But if there is interest, I could easily expand it to many, many more.  Your opinions solicited!…….Carney

I know, this picture shows the dude and the chick doing each other. That's not what my story is about, but I thought the pic was much hotter!

Yeah, I know, this picture doesn’t fit my description of my story; my story is about a guy and a chick who do themselves in each other’s presence. But this photo is way hotter!

Is it true that all of your stories are based on your personal sexual experiences?

Yes, it is 100% true. All of my stories are faithful transcriptions of my true-life experiences. Everything except the sex, that is……Carney

For a Hut of Smut, there's not much in the way of graphical smut.
Jenny Raven

That’s true, Jenny. My smut is mostly of the prose variety. But I have to give you a BIG CARNEVIL9 CONGRATULATIONS for being the first one to post a question here at the Hut Of Smut!!!…..Carney

Edited: Jenny, I have taken your observation to heart. I am now in the process of adding photos to all my posts! Thanks for helping to make the Hut of Smut even Smuttier!!

Ever wonder what it would be like to be standing there, up at the front of the church, ready to take your vows…. and suddenly realize that THIS, right now is your LAST CHANCE to fuck around? That is the concept behind “An Hour Before The Wedding.” The bride-to-be just wants to get one more chance to be a slut, before she has to pledge herself to one cock, forever.

After all, she’s only human!!!

This is one of my most popular story series: the tale of a college freshman who fails to achieve the sexual success that he had hoped for. Fortunately, his two twin sisters, who are beautiful and wanton sluts, break him in to the ways of love!

So far, it is a two-part series. I have a third installment in mind, but haven’t written it yet. Do you think I should?

Most of my stories are pure smut. And I make no apologies for that! But once in a while (a great long while), I like to stretch myself, and make a story with a little bit of character development. Hand Job Slut is one of those rare instances. It is the touching tale of a shy college girl, uneasy about sex, and about life and personal relationships in general, who finds herself strapped for cash. Hey, who can’t relate to that these days?

Anyway, things being what they are, she finds herself forced by circumstances to become more than she ever meant to be, and in the end, finds completion, satisfaction, and dare I say it (dare! dare!)….. love!!

Check it out. I think you’ll like it…….Carney

(But be warned: it’s a full eleven chapters before she finally gets there.)

(This one goes to ELEVEN!)

Here’s a story that never got much publicity. It’s about a Barbie Doll, and how she helps her owner learn to have better sex.

Actually, there are two chapters, so far. In the first, the Barbie helps the girlfriend to realize that her boyfriend should give her better sex. In the second chapter, Barbie gives lessons directly to the boyfriend. I’m thinking about a third chapter, where the Barbie coaches them together, to help them achieve the ultimate in sensual bliss. Do you think I should bother? Would YOU read it?

Check it out!…….Carney


How about the Island of Lesbos?